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This section briefly outlines the background to the STAR equity portfolio selection and management methods and the STAR bulletins as well as providing links to the numerous press comments and articles as well as performance records of the STAR share selections over the past couple of decades.

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STAR Background










STAR - What it is

The Share Tracking and Ranking (STAR) share selection screens have been developed over the past 27 years in order to create a reliable methodology for building and managing share portfolios that regularly outperform the market.

Essentially STAR involves employing a monthly digital screening process that ranks all shares in the underlying database (more than 350 larger listed companies and more than 800 AIM ones) according to their expected growth in earnings over the next two years, their current and future valuation, their borrowing levels and various other factors such as recent changes to earings estimates, return on capital employed and capital expenditure levels. From the resultant ranked list portfolios are selected that are designed to meet pre-determined criteria.

The STAR approach to equity investment enables anyone, without any prior knowledge of investment, to set up and manage a share portfolio easily, quickly, cheaply and above all effectively.

Subscribers to the STAR monthly newsletters receive a short User Guide that explains how to choose the portfolio template that best meets their needs. There are four proven portfolio templates that have been designed to meet the objectives of capital growth, a combination of growth and income as well as high income derived from holdings of ten or twenty shares selected from more than 350 of the larger companies listed on the main London Stock Exchange. There is also a higher risk template gleaned from an analysis of more than 800 smaller companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

In addition to the latest recommended portfolios and a sales list for larger companies each newsletter also contains updated valuations of the current year's portfolios as well as a more detailed profile and analysis of an individual company or a more detailed article on a particular aspect of the STAR analysis process.

For a more detailed explanation of the STAR process please download the STAR Introductory Note.

Full guidelines for using STAR and the STAR newsletters to set up, build and then manage your own share portfolio are set out in the detailed STAR User Guide.

For independent comment on the STAR value investing process please check out the Press Comments pages.


STAR Performance






STAR Performance record

The actual results since the mid 1980s prove that this simple but well researched process has indeed worked very well. The average annual price gains recorded by the top ten shares selected for capital growth have in fact outperformed the FTSE All Share Index in 23 out of the past 30 years and in this period these share selections have risen in price more than 10 times faster than the Index. Yes, that's right the STAR shares have risen no less than 10 times faster than the index before allowance for dealing charges but making no allowance for dividends received. The result is that £1,000 invested back in 1985 would have risen to well over £56,000 by summer 2015. Similarly the larger twenty share selections have risen in price two and a half times faster than the market since 1995.

For the summary of performance see STAR summary results.

For fuller details on the past performance of the 10 share selections please click on STAR 10 Results.

For details on the past performance of the 20 share selections please click on STAR 20 Results.


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